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Family Income Benefit


Family Income

Many people do not consider the monthly income required to replace the income lost on death from a family member. The main wage earner’s financial contribution to the family is essential if the remaining members of the family are to carry on enjoying the standard of living previously experienced.

Your ambitions for your childrens education shouldn’t end because of the death of a loved one.

Also, based on current low interest rates have you considered how much capital would be required to generate, say a £20,000 per annum income, at an interest rate of say 2%?

Believe it or not it is a huge £1 million!

So if you are looking for good value, low cost,income replacement life insurance, consider a “Family Income Benefit Plan”.

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Please note you can insure any monthly amount you wish and it is not limited by your current income or salary. Cover lasts for the period selected with many people opting for cover up to retirement age or to the age of their youngest child reaching 21 .