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Life Insurance


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By visiting our website you have taken the first step to protecting you and your family from financial hardship … BUT DON’T STOP THERE!

Firstly, you have to consider how much life insurance you require. 

It may help to know, the average life insurance policy we arrange is for a sum assured of £150,000, but you have to ask yourself what is the right cover for you. Also, most life insurance policies pay out a lump sum on death, but you can arrange for a monthly income to be paid out instead, known as Family Income Benefit. This could be to replace the income the family would lose on death in addition to, or as an alternative to, a lump sum.

Given the vast array of different types of life insurance available, including level term, decreasing term, whole of life and critical illness cover, a five minute chat with one of our experienced protection advisers will start you in the right direction to assess the right policy for you.

If you need advice our friendly team of advisers are happy to discuss your needs and recommend a suitable policy.

Our protection advisers can arrange free no obligation quotes and apply online on your behalf if you wish to proceed.